Friday, 17 November 2017

Gurjeeya's iphone case

This is my iphone case that I designed on tinkercad for 3D printing.It was very hard to create.I had to start all over again several times.I watched some videos on youtube to help me get somewhere.I didn’t get that far because I’m not the best at coding and that kind of stuff.The iphone case gets complicated.When you have to do the little holes.I struggled a lot finishing my case.

So now i’m going to tell you the process of the case.So first I made a box and made it long(as long as the iphone).Then we made the corners round by getting a smaller square and a hole cylinder then we duplicated it x4 times.Then we made the little hole that was the challenging bit that I didn’t get.The easiest bit was making the box long cause it the easiest.The most challenging bit was the rest of the case.

Maybe next time if I do 3D printing I might go for a much easier opposition like a easier design or something.Maybe not as challenging has the iphone case.

Friday, 3 November 2017

Home Alone

I was home alone with my sisters my parents had gone to a meeting it was 11.59 pm.I was freaked out.I had made dinner.PASTA with homemade fruit juice.But Best of all I had made some ice-blocks the night before.They were as sweet as a lolly pop.My sister’s had enjoyed their dinner is well.Once we finished our dinner we were very tired especially me I was as clumsy as a baby toddler when they first start walking.I checked the time on my phone it was 12.34am it was way way past our everyday bedtime.I had put my sisters to bed already.

I heard a knock at the door it was 3.29am I was so scared It couldn’t be my parents yet they had told me they would come at 7:30 in the morning.But as I thought about my parents I heard a voice at the door.Water water water water water it was going louder and louder WATER WATER WATER WATER WATER.But I knew I wasn’t aloud to open the door to strangers.I wanted to help but I couldn’t.I had to go back to bed and pretend that everyone was asleep.

In the morning I woke up super early 5:30 and got everything ready for my sisters to go to school.But first I got myself ready and then I got my sister ready I brushed there hair got there clothes ready gave them breakfast.

When my parents got home they were very proud of me cause it was the first time that I had done such a brave and helpful thing.I can be good role model.I was very proud of myself.

Monday, 30 October 2017

My Hoilday

Today I wrote about my Holiday when I traveled to India.I hope you enjoy my story and comment.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Maori clock

This week is Maori week.And I made a Maori cloak.We had to learn the Maori number up to 20.Some people made digital presentations and some visual.I deiced to make a visual presentation cause its more interesting. I've also learnt to say what is the time in Maori. He aha te taima.
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Friday, 1 September 2017

Warren Pohatu Art

WOW!! Warren Pohatu art. In class we have done Warren Pohatu art I have done a flamingo because i think they are a really nice color.We tried to do the patterns like Warren Pohatu.Its much harder than it looks.I hope you like my art.BLOG U LATER